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The Craft


Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the Company Schuemann-Schuhe

Kohlmarkt 1

Attn: Management

                                                 23552 Luebeck                                                 

Worldwide CC


Germany, Luebeck, Thursday, 8 May 2003       

Free English translation on 6 November 2021.

Please, let the German-language letter be translated into many languages and be handed over to the right places.

Shoe Soles /Shoemaking /Shoe Sizes /Farms /Leather

Dear Schuemann Management, Dear Health Authorities, Dear Vocational Schools!

I am returning a pair of children's sandals to Schuemann by post, which are no longer adequate for the normal requirements of a small child's foot. For this reason, I went to the ABC branch again to look for a pair of good sandals and actually found what I was looking for.

In return for the returned sandals, I would like to receive a pair of good Sunday shoes in size 24 in the colour white or in patent leather black for the medium-width foot in the same price range within one month.   

Even as a layman, one can tell you and others that the shoes, especially for toddlers, children and young people, affect and change the gait of the person concerned simply because of the hard and thick soles.

The foot cannot simply roll as it is naturally meant to do.

From the children and adolescents, one can clearly see that an unnatural gait is being exhibited, especially due to the thick platform soles, which are mainly used in trainers; not to mention the health of the feet, which are used for a whole lifetime and should remain healthy.

If you ask your professional staff about the hard and thick soles of shoes, you will receive the answer that small children have a completely different gait than an adult anyway and that the use of leather soles makes it easy to slip; however, why did my children, who wore shoes purchased from the Schuemann company about twenty-five years ago, not slip with the shoes and why did the small children at that time not stomp and waddle so conspicuously as has become very common today?  

Not to mention the world-famous Teletubbies!

Why were even toddlers' shoes made with a small heel back then, and why could the shoes be bent and allowed to roll on the foot without any effort; what has changed, so that the soles have to be thick, almost stiff and sometimes heavy?

Are these shoes to be used for mountaineering and if so, are there only shoes for this purpose or do you only use as much material as possible as mass, so that you can obtain and justify a reasonable price for your products?  

Enclosed I enclose the tag and receipt for the sandals I chose and had to choose from the ABC branch as my rather sensitive granddaughter can now wear at least one pair of sensible summer shoes. 


Is it only the appropriate gait of a person that should gradually "normalise "* through these products mentioned?

Not only the hardened soles, but also the handling of the shoes has changed.

Instead of shoe laces, there are now Velcro fasteners for children, whereby the practical aspect is more important; probably also so that the toddlers can go to kindergarten at the age of just under 3 and a Velcro fastener for the footwear is almost a must for this reason.

Laces have the advantage that the foot can be laced properly without constricting the foot, as the laces will loosen accordingly when walking and adapt to the gait.

Velcro fasteners can easily get clogged with lint, dirty and wear out; they are usually not replaceable like laces are and they look much more unrefined and messy visually than laces.

And now comes the next important point that will matter in manufacturing and distribution especially for a child's shoe.

I would like to and must point out to you that all animal figures and animal paws on slippers and shoes, which are also found on the soles for the shoe imprint, must be removed from circulation immediately.

The same applies, of course, to the stockings, where no animal figures are permitted, and the same applies to the non-slip socks and tights, where animal paw placement is also strictly prohibited. 

On this aspect, please take a look at the men's socks with matching motifs when you get a chance. How do you and others actually want to make a man out of many a boy with such nonsense, how?

Furthermore, will you please discontinue glitter shoes, silver and gold coloured shoes and give them away only for carnival.

The same applies to the handing in of shoes and stockings with clown figures, which also only have a place for your animal and clown motifs during the carnival season and are only permitted then!  

Patent-leather shoes are also permitted for children, but without any glitter.

Glaring luminous colours, paints and extremely colourful shoes are also not permitted for the children and are unsuitable, as the stumps are already colourful. 

In future, please refrain from advertising a manufacturer's brand or a tiger's paw by means of a footprint and thereby presenting an image, or are we currently rather at a frog's paw?

In the future, only leather or canvas is to be used and processed for the production of the shoes.

In order to make the shoe slip-proof, perhaps appropriate material may be worked thinly as sections on the sole, but I wish that you would consult older and experienced skilled personnel in order to also give back to the shoe craft the absolutely necessary status, so that shoes are again produced and worked by hand to a major part by the most diverse shoemakers.

The costs incurred by the handicraft for the time being will in many ways quickly be offset by the reduction in costs due to care items and health insurance settlements and not only the costs but also the well-being for many people will improve very quickly as a result.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that especially in this day and age, half shoe sizes must also be offered for toddlers and children, which I would also like to justify.

The fact that many small children are already more than slightly disturbed, which could be confirmed by older and experienced women and mothers as well as ladies in your company who work as shoe saleswomen, and that it has already become noticeable that speech-behaviour and gait disorders are present, must not be added to by an unnecessary optical disfigurement of the footwear through an oversize of the shoes, which is especially true for a small, petite girl who must not be equipped with wide, too large and clumsy shoes under any circumstances.

Also, the actual body size must not be altered by too high soles, especially with toddlers and children this has to apply!

There are certainly reasons why a young person would want to wear heavy, thick and high brand shoes, but there are now also many housewives and mothers who have opted for this type of trainer.

Why do you think?

For me personally, shoes are the most important piece of clothing and since I consider myself to have remained distinctly normal, as far as it is still possible, shoes will indeed be very important for the whole person and his or her well-being.

So it will also be important for every little girl, for every child and for every teenager as well as for every woman, that the size of the feet must absolutely be in harmony with the entire physique, i. e. also with the body size, which is also subject to a norm.

Thus, the shape of the shoes must not focus on making the foot look even longer and bigger because of the shoe, as it is currently available as a product in shoe shops.

These modern, elongated, pointed shoes are in fact clown shoes from the circus for people who will already have lost their bearings, because with the best will in the world it can no longer be a question of taste with what is on offer today. 

Should the proportions of body size and the size of feet diverge even further, as has already become apparent, then I would like to know into which species we should evolve.

For this reason, please will you again have your professional staff trained by professionals in the vocational schools or in your house in specially equipped training rooms.

If a girl's feet grow more than a whole shoe size within a year, then it needs to be considered why and by what means this is happening.

It will probably not be healthy genes that control this growth, but rather a genetic manipulation that has already been ingested during pregnancy through a wide variety of foods enriched with growth promoters and which are also contained in the food chain in sweets and soft drinks, so that the additional administration of fluoride tablets for the growth of the teeth will probably contribute the rest.

As a shoe shop, you will have to contact the health authorities and also the vocational training institutes about this.

Any further messing around in the food chain with all additives is strictly forbidden and will hopefully be punished very severely by the Empress' requested Cudgel!! !*

We are still "individuals", "we are human beings", and not yet half oafs or waddling penguins, nor hopping frogs and dragging kangaroos. 

It is for this very reason that every pair of shoes you sell as a manufacturer, every pair of shoes you buy as a retailer and every pair of shoes you sell as a shoe salesman or saleswoman will be tested and examined to the best of your knowledge and belief and only then recommended and sold to your customers.

In any case, each retailer will be held liable by name for the goods offered.

However, these names that come into question must first have the necessary expertise, but also the necessary craftsmanship must first be able to be built up and deployed by the right personnel.

And it is precisely at this point that please immediately put the right people, including as many older early retirees as possible who are willing to work, into the appropriate jobs.

Please start here in Luebeck and, for example, withdraw eighty per cent of all toddlers' shoes from circulation so that they can be properly soled immediately.

Also have all animal motifs as well as other motifs removed except perhaps flowers and stars.

Please also accept newer children's shoes as complaints and have the soling changed by the specialist staff. Then please exchange the remaining shoes with the newly soled shoes. 

Please invest in a master shoemaker's shop or a specialist children's shoe shop by establishing direct relations; from manufacturer to retailer* without middlemen* and please all remember that a toddler may only go to kindergarten in future if he can tie his shoes himself or herself by the laces; by the way, this also applies to you and your kind! 

Please enquire ........... about my person and ask in this regard about an upcoming fairy tale, which will also lie between the history of the world.

Please take ...............* responsibility for the start here in Luebeck as your direct superior and please do not forget to have Sunday shoes or at least Sunday stockings made for the children and enough shoe polish for the leather shoes.

In addition, please get Mr. ................

in order to make Mr. ........ responsible for a worldwide implementation of an ecological farm, for which he is certainly intended. Please contact Emperor D. directly in time* and hold him responsible. (No longer current)*

Note: The more nonsense is produced, the more proper shoes and stockings please keep ready and against it for all ages!

Yours sincerely

p. p. U. Sabisch


11 June 2010/ Since I took it in with half animals, I unfortunately can no longer think of the above-mentioned gentlemen's names!

10 March 2011/ Please have all shoes removed from the discount chains and take over these products to have them reworked by shoemakers.  

Please find enough young men to offer them an apprenticeship as shoemakers with the prospect of obtaining a master's certificate.

Self-employment with one's own master craftsman's business is thus attainable. Only a seasoned master craftsman is entitled to train "apprentices"!    

January 2016/ It is not only my task to set the course for a worldwide restructuring!

March 2020/*