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  • Der Weltkulturschock

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Ursula Kaiserin, Ruebenkoppel 1,  23564 Luebeck


To all Foreign Countries

Representation and Travel Agencies

Germany,  (27. Jan. 2001) Checked in Feb. 2018




My Dear Christians,

As already learned at school you are encouraged to consumption by your subconscious through using the psychological ways of Media.

The economy stays stable, it will be able to expand and the economy stays  competitive, too, because the turnover is the only item what ranks above all and that is was you know yourselves.

By that state therefore many people voluntarily are selling them, but there are many ones, they must sell them involuntarily and are forced to do that, since they have to make the living.

For the most of them there are no alternatives anymore.

“Dependence” that should be the slogan your Empress gives you a sermon on that matter.

You also have been depended on switching on television, often, because you are able to switch off.

I know that you see to it, that people standing behind the transmitter like managers or directors, which for a long time cannot be seasoned personalities; there are only little stupid boys and girls struggling for their existence by showing you what the mentally ill directors or film-makers with their pathological fantasies are entertaining you and that with great success.

There, where stands a good chance to increase in turnover, there one spread over for example into Internet and video libraries.

The most beautiful women and girls, the most beautiful men and boys “are screwing” in front of the open film camera, to describe it quite clearly.

They let them fit out with special clothes and let thrown them with foodstuff, who knows, what still they are trying out.

It seems, that the ones themselves feel well in their roles, because they are confirmed as a sex symbol whereat it seems to be quite equally, with whom sex they are connected with.

And your Empress maintains, that such a person has been very poor, yes poor, because this person does not has a real father, who would forbid such a thing, what at least is a lowliness for his beautiful daughter or his son.

It’s quite obvious, that the father has no say in the matter, at least in the affluent societies. Should he even be proud of his child, then the man into the father does not exist anymore.

A real man does not allow by nature that his daughter or his wife strip nude in public, otherwise there is something wrong with the man, something important.

The protector into the man has been lost, unfortunately that’s true.

Now, it’s the other way round.

The wife has learned being strong, strong and strong again. Often it runs of the costs of her beauty, because she has to take care of her children and has to make the living.

Easily a weakly husband will fall in love with another woman, normally in a weakly female; one of the being unprotected womenfolk, who are looking for a stability.

But how does a weakly husband is able to give stability for such a female and when does she notice it?

The next being weakly wife is looking for stability for herself and for the children of her weakly been husband. Perhaps now her ex-husband is sitting up to Internet and is watching a blue movie with another weakly women and men. For some of them it’s all the same and it´s no matter what sex they prefer, probably the “stronger one”!!

That’s true enough, but nevertheless it will go on something better.

“Sheba” the menu for cats is market on TV advertisement by an erotic voice.

Why probably? Certainly nobody does it, because one has expected to gain a bad turnover as a salesman.

You worn-down jumping weaklings, with what and with whom do you think you are playing with, you old pets, you!?

Do not pretend to be sillier than you really are, that’s where you are professionals in.

You can realize quite exactly what is meant with. In my opinion you are pretty cunning. You usually are able to take care of the living; therefore you all are responsible for such a thing.

If I notice, how some of you do the shopping and put the gold packed goods on the assembly line, then I could give such a kind of people a clip round the ear. *(Many people have to die of hunger day by day and some of such a kind of people have got more than enough money for a million of the pur people and still much more!) 2018*

“TUI” You has got deserved yourself”.

And your Empress shouts out: “Fie or better boo, for you have well deserved”!!

At first you adapt yourselves to the situation and let the dirt into the house and then you pack your bags and go on a journey.

Only you soon won’t find any places which are still untouched, or will you?

Yes, you will, you stretched dependent jumping jacks and you shabby womenfolk, pull yourselves together, if not, I do forget me! (German saying)

Your Empress lets beat the daylights out of you, if you don’t see reason!

“L`oreal” for I am value myself”.

Yes, you still seem to be value for the “One” who is sending help, you little silly kids without any responsibility opposite the future and opposite life, because you have got right of life, haven’t you?


Daily you have to watch the TV-commercials and should try to understand, why for example one has to take a shower nude for a cordless telephone company?

Furthermore, please pay attention to the “groaning” also in connection with the food advertisement and find out, what effects are wished for.

Perhaps your Empress still should wipe off your “bottoms” before you are going to be put onto the chamber pot or are you already able to knuckle down independently?


On behalf of


17 February 2002

HP: That is how a sermon looks like, “then it also works with the neighbours”. (“German TV-commercials”)